About Us

Since 1979, Wes Bolt C & E has been a distributor company for the Houston area. The business is located in Greenspoint and has a warehouse that provides a wide range of industrial fasteners products to ship any where in Houston. Specialty fasteners are available upon request.

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For many years, Wes Bolt C & E has proven to provide excellent service, quality fasteners, and competitive prices. Our sales department has over 80 years of combined experience and can help customers with any fastener requirements.

The Story

Why we love what we do…

Wes Bolt C & E has been serving the Houston and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We take pride in promoting ourselves as a “service'”company rather then a supply company. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding, courteous service. We are dedicated to giving our customers the fastest, most accurate, complete, and timely delivery of their product that is possible. We are usually able to obtain and deliver requested material same day or at least within one to two days after receipt of order.

Our motto is we dont sell material, we sell our outstanding service, and we want to show “WE WORK FOR YOU!”

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Meet Our Staff

Tom Gosse

You can contact him at:
tel (281) 931-9200
fax (281) 931-9206
cell (281) 932- 0805
fax to email (832) 230-2059

Operations/Warehouse Manager
Jason Hughes

You can contact him at:
tel (281) 931-9200
fax (281) 931- 9206

Accounting Manager
Tara Hughes

You can contact her at:
tel (281) 931-9200
fax (28) 931-9206
fax to email (281) 598- 6562